Mission to Haiti

Janine and Rhiney Lewis traveled with the Church of the Nazarene’s Southern California District work & witness team to Haiti in October, 2011.  The focus of the team’s mission work was to assist with the installation and improvement of hand-operated well pumps for Nazarene churches in the Port au Prince region.  These well pumps provide fresh, clean water to the surrounding communities they serve.  The team also participated in the repair and maintenance of several Nazarene churches and other structures.  Following are a few photos from the trip.  


The earthquake hit January 12, 2010 and was 7.0 in magnitude near Port au Prince.  50% of the buildings in the city were destroyed.  3,500,000 people were affected; 220,000 died with another 300,000 injured.  Shown here is one of the primary government buildings with extensive damage after the quake.  25% of Port au Prince’s civil servants died in the quake.   




This is a photo of a building on one of the Nazarene compounds.  It survived the quake and has been inspected for safe habitation.  A building that has been inspected and approved for safe habitation is “stamped” with an official marking (lettering shown in green).





180,000 homes were destroyed in the quake.  Tent neighborhoods serve residents of Port au Prince. 

 The death toll from the quake was so massive that bodies were placed in a communal grave site.  This site contains 70,000 bodies.


The focus of the trip was to provide assistance and complete projects such as maintenance and repair on the main Nazarene compound (auto repair, installation of water lines, installation of a water tank on the main building’s roof, to name but a few projects).








“Before” and “after” photo of one of the projects completed by this team of volunteers.  This is one of 500 Nazarene churches in Haiti.


One of the long-term projects is to drill wells and install hand pumps on all Nazarene properties in Haiti.  At this time, only 20 churches out of 500 have wells with hand pumps.  The wells are available to the surrounding communities to provide a safe water source.





Janine and Rhiney Lewis fell in love with the Haitian people.  They plan to return to Haiti with another Work & Witness team and continue helping people take their next step towards Christ!