Sunday Morning Study – book of Ezekiel

Overview:  The study of this Old Testament book, Ezekiel focuses on the utter foolishness of ignoring God.  In Ezekiel, God reveals his unchanging for his people.  And, for the church today, it shows us how important it is to know just what we believe and why.

Rick Graley’s goal is to make God’s word come alive and applicable to wherever the student may be on his spiritual journey.  His teaching style is verse-by-verse exploration of God’s word.  With a focus on enriching the student’s life and equipping them to take their next step towards Christ, he reveals the verses’ relationship to other Scripture and to repetitive themes in the Bible.  He also enjoys presenting historical background so the student better understands the setting in which the Scripture originated.  He invites questions and often explores Biblical tangents in mining the treasures in God’s word.

Rick says, “The Bible is God’s communication method to us.  The better we know his word, the better we know him.”

Study is on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

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