Pastor’s Testimony

David DeFalco

David DiFalco - Senior Pastor

I grew up in a Christian home and came into a relationship with Jesus Christ at a young age. It was during my freshman year at Olivet I sensed God calling me into ministry. Immediately I struggled with my desire to go into business verses God calling me into ministry. I reasoned with myself that as a believer in Jesus Christ at the end of my days He would not condemn me for continuing my path in business and in my heart I promised to be faithful in tithing when the good job came. So for the remainder of my college career, I continued upon my chosen path in business.

After college the good jobs never came as every resume sent out did not produce much feedback. I ended working at the front desk of a local hotel. In order to make myself more marketable I pursued a MBA degree, but still none of the jobs opened up. The call to be in ministry was still upon my heart. Eventually, I moved on from working in a hotel to working at the headquarters of the Church of the Nazarene in the Global Treasury Service division. There, I worked with the world regions of World Missions.  My working relationship with the missionaries and national leaders was good and caught the attention of World Mission; I was considered to be a good candidate for relocating to assignment in other countries. Right then and there, I told God if He called me to missions, I would not go.

It was not long after that where I started getting frustrated that nothing was happening with my life. All my friends were getting married and moving forward in their careers, but my life was stagnant.  Finally, I obeyed God. It was a cold, rainy, October night; I was in a Wal-Mart parking lot in my car where I finally prayed to the Lord that whatever path He wanted for my life, I would follow. A few days later I got a call from World Mission to talk with them about going into missions at the Eurasia Regional Office. I told God that as long as the door stayed open, I would move forward. I was in missions for the next five years (I even met my wife while serving God in Eurasia Region).  It was also during this time that God put in my heart to be a pastor to serve people so they can have a relationship through Jesus Christ.